Valentine's Day Cocktails (Slideshow)

Drinks for every Valentine's Day mood: romantic, sweet, spicy — and a few for broken hearts, too

The Bloody Valentine

The perfect Valentine's Day break-up cocktail to soothe your broken heart.

Mockingbird Valentine

Layered and lightly spicy — a sophisticated Valentine's cocktail

Dozen Red Roses Recipe

If you forget the flowers, this thoughtful cocktail might just make up for it.

Wilted Bouquet

"A potent potable to consume while contemplating the ultimate demise of that %&@*#& who broke your heart."

Je T'aime

A little spicy, a little sweet — just the ticket to warm up your Valentine.

Dark Desire Recipe

Rich and layered — a perfect treat for Valentine's Day.

Whipped Valentine

Fluffy and sweet, this cocktail drinks like liquid Valentine's chocolates.