The Bloody Valentine from Valentine's Day Cocktails (Slideshow)

Valentine's Day Cocktails (Slideshow)

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Andrea Correale

The Bloody Valentine

The perfect Valentine's Day break-up cocktail to soothe your broken heart.


Mockingbird Valentine

Layered and lightly spicy — a sophisticated Valentine's cocktail


Dozen Red Roses Recipe

If you forget the flowers, this thoughtful cocktail might just make up for it.

Jon Harris - Firefly

Wilted Bouquet

"A potent potable to consume while contemplating the ultimate demise of that %&@*#& who broke your heart."


Je T'aime

A little spicy, a little sweet — just the ticket to warm up your Valentine.


Dark Desire Recipe

Rich and layered — a perfect treat for Valentine's Day.


Whipped Valentine

Fluffy and sweet, this cocktail drinks like liquid Valentine's chocolates. 

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Valentine's Day Cocktails (Slideshow)