Under the Tuscan Sun

Chianti Classico plus Chianti Rufina

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Four Chiantis in a wide range of prices — plus a pinot grigio.

Chiantis are the best-known wines from Tuscany and from the sangiovese grape, but they can range over a wide variety of territories and a wide range of prices. Here we have four, from the affordable and basic Chianti to a couple of riservas — one each from Classico and Rufina. Plus, we’ve thrown in a Tuscan pinot grigio to set your palate.

Banfi “San Angelo” Toscana pinot grigio 2013 ($18). Pleasant, full, lightly sweet with minty green flavors.

Coltibuono “Cetamura” Chianti 2013 ($10). This is a pleasant but light-bodied Chianti — the kind your granddad drank in college — with good cherry flavors and lots of acidity.

Ruffino “Ducale Oro” Chianti Classico riserva 2009 ($34). Lots of nice cherry and raspberry fruit followed by the typical sangiovese raspy minerality in the finish — very elegant, yet quite lively.

Selvapiana Chianti Rufina 2012 ($18). Classic, straight-down-the-middle Chianti with plump cherry flavors and raspy finish.

Selvapiana “Bucerchiale” Chianti Rufina riserva 2010 ($34). A delightful, fruity Chianti — lots of lovely raspberry and savory flavors with a gamy, raspy finish.

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