Target Adds Sangria To Its Line Of $5 Wines

In 2017, Target announced it would debut a new wines for $5 each. The first batch, from the company's California Roots line, included chardonnay, pinot grigio, moscato, cabernet sauvignon and a red blend. Now, just in time for summer, the selection will grow to include a 750-milliliter bottle of red sangria.

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California Roots Sangria has an 11 percent ABV and promises notes of fresh berries and zesty citrus. Just pour this baby into a pitcher with some ice, add some fresh berries if you're feeling crafty, and then you're good to go. It's expected to hit store shelves starting May 20 and will retail for $5 just like its sister bargain wines. According to a brand spokesperson, the fruity booze will be available on a national level — but that doesn't mean everywhere, unfortunately. Not all Target stores have a license to sell alcohol.

Shoppers in locations that are permitted to sell alcohol have the option of picking from another cheap line of wines at "Tar-Jay" simply called "The Collection." Launched just this year, it boasts five bottles including cabernet sauvignon, a red wine blend, rosé, pinot grigio and chardonnay. Why go to the liquor store when you can find perfectly great wine an aisle over from the 10 foods you should always buy at Target?