Take a Sip of Luxury From This $185 Water Bottle

Meanwhile, Flint, Michigan, has been without clean water since 2014, but at least Bkr’s proceeds will go to a good cause

The boutique bottle brand has released their 500 Collection, selling water bottles that retail for almost $200.

A collaboration between Bkr (pronounced “beaker”) and Swarovski, called the 500 Collection, has resulted in a $185 water bottle with a crystal-encrusted cap. The brand’s standard-issue glass bottles, which retail for $35 to $45, may already seem the height of extravagance compared to whatever free gym water bottle you have been toting, but Bkr wanted to appeal to America’s “glam culture obsession” with this collaboration.

“Bkr’s 500 Collection is inspired by a glam culture obsession, the surreal experience of floating weightlessly in a Lucas Samaras infinity room, a giant glass bath in an all-glass bathroom, a bon-vivant and her unconventional bed made entirely of crystals,” the company’s website explains in addressing the new bottle’s outright opulence. “Everything that’s quite impractical, quite beautiful, quite unnecessary, quite necessary and dizzyingly, limitlessly glittering, glowing, mesmerizing, fearless and fashion-mad.”

The “inspired-by” description for the 500-milliliter container, which will spectacularly hold water from your kitchen faucet or two-year-old Brita filter, is just as dizzying:

“Inspired by warrior women crisscrossing the globe in the name of fashion, slinking around London in trusty pink ballet flats, wearing them until they look like dirty Band-Aids, hair pulled back fresh and clean off the face, a sheer blouse with elbow-length sleeves and rose gold buttons. And it was just really an attempt to see herself with new eyes and extra colors, with no plans and no intention of arriving — just the knowledge that she would come back different from how she left.”


At the very least, the website states that 100 percent of the net profits from the 500 Series luxury bottles will go to Water for People, a nonprofit that works to improve access to clean drinking water for people around the world.


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