Svedka to Release New Rosé Vodka

It even contains 5 percent wine

Svedka has announced that it will release a rosé vodka nationwide beginning February 2019. 

If there’s one thing that escaped the supposedly murderous wrath of millennials in 2018, it was rosé. The pink-hued wine somehow maintained momentum as a massive food trend with an entire rosé mansion and various rosé-inspired foods. Now it looks like rosé may be stealing the spotlight in 2019 as well: Svedka has announced the launch of millennial-pink Svedka rosé.

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The imported vodka is actually pink in color and is the first flavored Svedka vodka to be sold in a clear glass bottle in order to showcase its rosy tone. The 60-proof alcohol is also made with 5 percent wine, so you’re really getting your rosé fix, even if you’re just taking a shot.

According to a press release from the brand shared with BevNet, the vodka features “vibrant fruit aromas” such as strawberry and pineapple as well as notes of hibiscus. The decidedly summery-sounding flavor is available nationwide beginning February 2019 and ranges in price depending on bottle size.


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