Starbucks To Launch New Crystal Ball Frappuccino

We bet you didn't see this one coming: Starbucks will debut a "Crystal Ball" Frappuccino on March 22, baristas told Business Insider. The limited-edition blended beverage is made with a cream base with peach flavors and is topped with whipped cream and rock-candy crystals. It will reportedly remain on the menu for four days or until supplies last.

Several Starbucks staffers have already uploaded photographs of the white and blue-swirled drink to Instagram and it's no doubt that consumers are counting down the days.

"It's just beautiful!" @thollis wrote on a post by the Starbucks in Florence, Alabama, to which the account replied, "We think so too! This is one of three variations."

While it's doubtful the beverage comes iced or hot, it seems that "variations" simply references three different-colored toppings. In a photo posted to @sbux3rdward, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is pictured with red, blue, and green crystals.

A Starbucks spokesperson told The Daily Meal that the company did not have any details to share on new beverage launches at this time. Other innovative drinks from the coffee chain's recent past include a Gin Barrel-Aged mocktail, the Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade Cold Brew, and their Cherry Mocha (which our tasters thought kind of just tasted like hot chocolate). For more fun menu items from around the world — such as purple yam cheesecake and dragon dumplings —  check out these 16 Starbucks foods you won't find in the U.S.