Starbucks To Roll Out 2 New Cold Foam Tea Lemonades

Inspired by the summer sun!

Starbucks is rolling out new cold foam lemonades in two different flavors inspired by the summer sun.

Starbucks is rolling out two new iced beverages that may just change your summer drink order. Starting June 22, cold foam tea lemonades in two different flavors will be released in Starbucks stores nationwide and in Canada. The refreshing iced beverages topped with tea-infused foamed milk foam will be offered in “Summer Sunrise” and “Summer Sunset” versions, so be sure to plan your lemonade cravings accordingly.

According to the brand, “Summer Sunrise” is meant to “evoke the bright morning sun with tropical pineapple infusion and lemonade … topped with a velvety cold foam infused with sweet Teavana Passion Tango herbal tea.” Its counterpart “Summer Sunset” is a gorgeous pink color inspired by summer sunsets and is the same pineapple infusion mixed with Teavana’s Passion Tango Tea in the liquid and topped with more Teavana Passion Tango herbal tea cold foam.

If you haven’t been sipping the new Starbucks cold foam enough to know what it is, it’s a blended nonfat milk foam — only instead of being served hot, it’s cold. Plus, it can be infused with various flavors like Teavana Passion Tango herbal tea, Cascara Cold Brew, Cold Foam Cascara Nitro Cold Brew, and Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Roast.

Much like a summer sunset, these non-coffee beverages are only available for a limited time. Starbucks seems likely to continue to move into the space of non-coffee drinks, and it could be because Frappuccino sales are lagging due to the health and wellness trend in the U.S. Looking for healthier options when you grab your morning coffee? These are the healthiest and unhealthiest Starbucks drinks.