This Starbucks Barista Shared Awful Drinks He's Made And It's Giving Us A Stomachache

A Tumblr user is sharing the worst drinks he was asked to make at Starbucks.

"The Black Nerd," as he calls himself on Tumblr and on Twitter, put his two weeks in at the coffee conglomerate but as his final farewell to life behind the coffee bar, he is putting some customer drink orders on blast.

Venti drinks with 15 pumps of syrup, 12 added sugars, and six shots abound in his photos of absolutely awful sounding Starbucks drink orders of all sizes and temperatures.

"What goes through my head is mostly just bewilderment," he said. "I usually just show it to all my coworkers just so I know I'm not going crazy. More than once I've muttered under my breath 'what in the hell.'"

A quick scroll through his photos has us muttering much of the same. Some of these orders have us as up in arms as the people who hate the new Starbucks holiday cups!

Who really wants 20 pumps of pumpkin sauce in a latte? What would you even call that? Perhaps these customers think they know how to speak Starbucks, but we think any barista can confirm that they don't.