Some Favorite Foods to Accompany Rosés

Here are some of the foods that we love with rosé

Pair these foods with rosé

As mentioned in my first article on 2015 rosés (to read that article click here), here is a list of some of the foods we love with rosé:
Just kidding, but rosé is very versatile. In fact, almost any food can be matched with rosé, but listed below are a few of our favorites.


Nuts are great before or after a meal with rosé. These are great choices.

Corti Brothers Tamari  Roasted Almonds – Simply amazing. There is no other roasted almond like this. 

Bergeron Louisiana Shelled Raw Pecans – These are small sweet pecan halves that are delicious raw or lightly roasted in French butter with a very light sprinkle of very finely ground sea salt.
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Holmquist Orchards Dry Roasted Pacific Northwest Hazelnuts – These are simply the best roasted hazelnuts we have ever tasted.

Roasted And Salted In The Shell California Pistachio Nuts – Absolutely delicious (the Kirkland brand at Costco is great).


Thin crust pizza with limited toppings that are not too heavy or spicy is great with rosé. These are two of our favorite simple to make pizzas.

White pizza with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese,  sliced roasted Portobello mushrooms, roasted pine nuts, and drizzled with Meyer Lemon infused olive oil

Red pizza with a fresh heirloom tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, diced salami and coarsely chopped fresh arugula                             


These are 5 of our favorite dishes with rosé. They cover fruit, meat, fish, herbs, vegetables, seafood, and cheese.

Italian Prosciutto and Asian pear or Italian Prosciutto and melon (Galia, Santa Claus, Hami, and Sharlyn are good choices) served cold and garnished with chopped fresh mint

Cold boiled shrimp with red cocktail sauce and fresh Meyer Lemon

Cold oak smoked Copper River Salmon served with sour cream sauce made from finely chopped dill pickle, fresh dill, grated lemon zest, and chopped chive accompanied by fresh Meyer lemon slices and fresh coarsely ground black pepper

Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes sprinkled very lightly with extra fine pink Hawaiian sea salt and fresh Burrata cheese drizzled with a very high quality extra virgin olive oil***

Sliced roast veal (pink) with tonnato sauce, capers, and a drizzle of high quality extra virgin olive oil***


*** One extra virgin olive oil recommendation is Corti Brothers 2015 California Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca. Made from the Taggiasca variety olive grown on the Italian Riviera, this is an olive not widely grown in California. It produces an elegant, fruity, and delicious oil that is a great accompaniment to lighter foods. This oil is produced within 24 hours of harvest by Pacific Sun Gourmet Gerber, CA
Bon Appétit!