Rouge Launches Sriracha Beer

Beer that’s so hot, it’s cool
Instagram / @rogueales

Some like it hot!

You know when someone means (food) business when you see sriracha sauce in their kitchen/desk/purse; the best-known brand of the popular sauce is produced in Irwindale, California by Huy Fong Foods and is recognizable by the rooster on the bottle (though not even the company’s CEO knows where it came from). This Thai-born condiment (and cultural phenomenon) has reached a status that few condiments can claimso it’s no surprise that the hot sauce that has spawned flavored potato chips,  apparel, dog toys, Halloween costumes, a Christmas ornament, and a documentary, is now available as a beer.

Last month, we were excited (and a little scared) when we heard that a sriracha-flavored stout was in the works, and now it’s finally available online! Portland, Oregon-based Rouge Brewery recently started selling it online on Monday, December 8, just in time for the holidays (a perfect gift for the person who has everything).

If you’re not a fan of the hot hot hot, Rogue has plenty of other seasonal suds, such as Yellow Snow IPA and Santa’s Private Reserve. 

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