Rapper Meek Mill Donates 60,000 Bottles of Water to Flint, Michigan, Amid Federal Water Crisis

The Philadelphia rapper donated fresh water to a Flint food bank and money to a local children’s health fund
Rapper Meek Mill Donates 60,000 Bottles of Water to Flint, Michigan, Amid Federal Water Crisis


The ongoing crisis, over which a number of health officials have resigned, is expected to affect the health of Flint residents for years to come. 

Rapper Meek Mill has donated 60,000 bottles of fresh water to Flint, Michigan, amid the city’s troubling water crisis that continues to jeopardize residents’ health as public officials attempt to shift blame for what has now been classified as a federal emergency.

The Philadelphia native most recently known for ill-fated feuds with Drake and 50 Cent, used his resources to deliver fresh water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, as well as donate money to the Flint Child and Family Health Development Fund.

Although the federal government declared a state of emergency in Michigan in early January, Flint’s water problems — stemming from a temporary cost-saving measure in which the city switched from the Detroit water system to the corrosive Flint River water, which caused lead from old pipes to leach into the water supply and cause widespread lead poisoning — have been a safety concern since at least 2014.

In particular, Flint’s lead poisoning will have the most severe effects on the city’s children, whom experts have warned will inevitably face health issues, including developmental disabilities, in the coming years as a result of the contaminated water.


In the wake of the crisis, four government officials, including a member of the Environmental Protection Agency, have resigned from their positions over the crisis. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has been heavily criticized for his mishandling of the crisis, and public figures including Flint native and documentarian Michael Moore, and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, have called for Snyder’s resignation