Rand Paul and Trevor Noah Turn One-Man GOP Debate into Live Drinking Game

Rand Paul and Trevor Noah tackled political issues like war in the Middle East and the economy with the help of some bourbon

Somehow we bet this was a lot more fun than the official Republican debate. 

After it was revealed this week that presidential hopeful Rand Paul’s poll numbers were too low to merit a spot on the main stage during the Republican debate, Paul chose to skip the debate altogether, declining a place in the “undercard” debate with Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Carly Fiorina.

Instead, Paul took his media time to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, where he was featured on what was called “GOP Debate: Singles Night,” where his personalized wooden podium was quickly revealed to contain several bottles of bourbon from Paul’s native Kentucky. Each bottle was labeled with political issues that Paul might address — like “war in the Middle East” and “Economy.”

Noah proposed a drinking game — he would take a drink “every time I feel like you’re not answering my question” — but Paul’s responses were detailed enough that Noah decided just to drink for the fun of it. Eventually, Paul established his own rules for a new drinking game — they both drink whenever there’s a mention of Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, or tai chi.


Watch Paul’s bourbon-filled, one-man Republican debate below: