Pizza Hut’s Beer Delivery Service Expands to 100 Restaurants in Arizona and California

Fans in both states can order beer and pizza from the chain

Pizza Hut customers in two states can get beer with their pie.

Pizza Hut is broadening its beer delivery service once exclusive to customers in Phoenix. The Texas-based chain has announced plans to expand the pilot to 100 additional stores throughout Arizona and California in May. Select six-packs of booze are available for purchase — Coors Light, Blue Moon, and Miller High Life transported in a custom cooler — and when Copper State residents opt for alcohol, delivery is free.

“Pizza Hut has and always will be focused on serving customers a great pizza experience. And nothing complements an oven-hot pizza like a nice cold beer,” Pizza Hut chief marketing officer Zipporah Allen said in a statement. “In addition to our extensive delivery network, many Pizza Hut restaurants are already licensed to serve and distribute beer, without third-party services, additional fees, or extended wait times. Expanding the pilot program is a natural way for Pizza Hut to get our customers the perfect pizza and beer combo they’re craving, delivered right to their doors.”

To qualify for free delivery, you must be a resident of participating Arizona markets (Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, Prescott, and Winslow). In California, beer delivery is offered at select restaurants in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, Riverside, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, and Santa Clara. Golden State-dwellers in Anaheim, Huntington Beach, and Redding can expect a rollout in late May. For you pizza monsters elsewhere — here’s the 411 on the best pie in every state.