Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan Was Kicked Out Of Epcot While 'Drinking Around The World'

Three professional soccer stars were kicked out of Disney World after police say they became "belligerent" and "verbally aggressive." Orlando Pride forward and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan had allegedly been drinking at an Epcot Center bar with friends for eight hours before sheriff's deputies showed up to ask them to leave.

A police report obtained by Page Six states that Morgan — along with MLS players Giles Barnes and Donny Toia — became rowdy and argumentative with other theme park guests around 8:20 p.m. in the United Kingdom section of Epcot Center after Barnes cut in front of another customer. Barnes was forced to exit the premises and Morgan began "yelling, screaming ... she appeared to be highly impaired ... [she made] a loud verbal statement that she knows the Orlando swat team." Toia was also "verbally aggressive" to bar staff and police officials. The officer who filed the police report had to physically remove him from the park.

Morgan, Toia, and Toia's wife were escorted to a conference room where they "continued to be belligerent, with screaming and yelling. They did not want to listen to any instructions and only wanted to argue why they were being trespassed from Disney."

In an Instagram photo posted to Morgan's account, it's confirmed that the athlete and her friends were playing a popular drinking game called "Drinking around the world at Epcot" where participants must drink at each of the 11 countries that make up Epcot's World Showcase. "Around the world in 8 hours. No big," she wrote.

The 28-year-old also took to Twitter early on October 4 to apologize for her behavior. "I want to apologize for my actions that occurred over the weekend. I will learn from this [and] make sure it does not happen again," she said, followed by the hashtag "#liveandlearn."

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