New York’s Death Wish Coffee Company Wins Free Super Bowl Ad

The ad, which is expected to be seen by upwards of 100 million viewers, would typically cost a company $5 million

The company beat out 15,000 other competitors.  

New York-based Death Wish Coffee has beat out 15,000 other small businesses in a national competition for a free, 30-second ad during Super Bowl 50 — a huge get that would typically cost a whopping $5 million.

When first launched by Intuit in 2013, the free ad went to GoldieBlox, a company that makes toys to help young girls develop a feel for engineering and problem solving.

“Winning this commercial is beyond our wildest dreams,” said Mike Brown, owner of Death Wish Coffee. “It’s amazing to think that our 11-employee company will be on the same stage as the brands we've always admired.” The ad is expected to be seen by more than 100 million live viewers.

The four-year-old company is based in Round Lake, New York, and is currently available in 100 local grocery stores. “We’ve revamped our website, hired more employees and we’re getting ready for it,” Brown told CNN. “I want everyone in the country and around the world to taste our coffee.”