The 5 Most Popular Starbucks Orders On College Campuses

It's practically the end of the summer, which means the kiddos are headed back to school to definitely study and not party. As young men and women blossom into brilliant butterflies, they often find themselves relying on coffee to get through the seemingly endless early-morning lectures, late-night study sessions, and everything in between.

The Best Coffee Chains in America

Java is an essential part of college, for both the taste and the obvious benefits of caffeine, so Starbucks sampled the orders made by college students in different regions of the U.S. to find out which drinks they love most. Here are the results:

In the Southeast — where you'll find Duke, Vanderbilt, Florida State, and James Madison — students are ordering the Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice. It's made with chilled espresso, a touch of milk, and light sweetener. One 16-ounce cup packs 225 milligrams of caffeine ready and willing to keep library-dwellers sharp through the night.

In the Northeast, pupils at Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, and NYU are drinking the White Mocha Frappuccino... with a shot of espresso. This milkshake-like blended beverage is built with white chocolate mocha sauce, milk, coffee, and ice topped with whipped cream. The added shot of espresso could give kids the extra kick they need to stay alert during lecture.

In the Midwest, scholars at the University of Chicago, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oberlin are ordering a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte made with not one, not two, but three shots of espresso. That's approximately 270 milligrams of caffeine. Students in the Midwest are WOKE — literally. They are not sleeping out there.

In the Southwest at schools like Rice, Harvey Mudd, Pepperdine, and Texas A&M, baristas are busy making the Iced Coconut Latte, which is a simple combination of coconut milk and — you guessed it — espresso, the common denominator uniting college kids across the board.

Apart from the presence of espresso in every single aforementioned Starbucks drink, each region enjoys different drinks. But one particular beverage is ordered at a high frequency among young scholars everywhere: the Espresso Frappuccino. This frozen drink contains coffee, a shot of espresso, and milk blended with ice. You get a shot of espresso! And you get a shot of espresso! Everyone gets a shot of espresso!

None of this will matter in retrospect once we hit August 28, though, because the highly anticipated Pumpkin Spice Latte is making its annual triumphant return, and it will fearlessly flow from every Starbucks in the land. Is the #PSL pioneer the best America has to offer? Here's how Starbucks stacks up against other pumpkin spice purveyors.