Missisippi Dairy Farm Worker Pleas Guilty to Poisoning Milk Supply

Alfred Thornhill, a former dairy farm employee, admitted that he tampered with the milk in order to punish the farm owner
Missisippi Dairy Farm Worker Pleas Guilty to Poisoning Milk Supply


Thornhill faces up to three years in a federal prison for tampering with a consumer product.

A former dairy worker from Mississippi has pled guilty to tampering with the milk supply at the farm where he worked, The Clarion Ledger reports.

 In 2014, Alfred Thornhill poured chlorine, acid, and bleach into a stainless steel container of milk immediately after it was collected from dairy cows.

The toxic tampering was discovered by the farm’s owner before the shipment was scheduled for delivery to New Orleans, and confirmed by a laboratory at Mississippi State University. Thankfully, it appears that none of the milk was consumed before the discovery was made.

Appearing in court before U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III earlier this week, 41-year-old Thornhill admitted to tampering with a consumer product and accepted a plea deal that includes up to three years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.


Thornhill eventually admitted that he poisoned the milk because he was upset with the farm’s owner and wanted to hurt him financially. Thornhill’s sentencing is scheduled for January.