Miller Lite's New Beer Can Is A Fully Functioning Video Game Controller

Do you like to enjoy an ice-cold brewski while soaring at supersonic speed on your screen? Well, you can now have two of your favorite things in one when you play video games using an actual beer can. Miller Lite's new "Cantroller" is a wireless, rechargeable 10-button controller with Bluetooth technology compatible with Mac and PC. Yes, there's legit beer inside, and yes, you can drink it. The Cantroller will still work if there's no booze inside, though this will hinder playability if you can't wait to quench your thirst.

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Although it sounds too cool to be true, the Cantroller is real and it works. We know because our friends at Miller Lite stopped by our office with one and we put it to the test. After syncing it to a laptop and downloading some games from the internet, first we played the Sega Genesis smash "Sonic the Hedgehog." We made it to the third level easy-peasy with our handy-dandy beer can before Doctor Eggman sent us to the grave by way of his big brown wrecking ball.

Then we tested it with "Streets of Rage," a knockoff of "Street Fighter," and absolutely brought the house down with our character, Max. He was jacked, could throw a mean shoulder move and had a face that said, "You lookin' for trouble? I'll give you trouble." We ended our hoppy handheld adventure with "Ecco the Dolphin," a seemingly pointless game concerning a bottlenose whose only abilities were to sing, zoom through the water and do flips. We give it a 10 out of 10 anyway.

Although we only demoed three games, you can download a bunch more (if you can still keep yourself from drinking the beer), because the Cantroller is compatible with the gaming service Steam across all platforms. Sounds great, right? Here's the thing: Miller Lite only made about 200 Cantrollers with maybe more to come, but there aren't any for sale. To score one, you have to beat Eric Andre in a match of "Street Fighter." The comedian — who's best known for his self-titled "Eric Andre Show" — will be at the beer brand's drop event on Wednesday, June 12, at 1147 South Hope St. in Los Angeles, just a few blocks from the E3 Expo 2019 gaming convention taking place at the same time.

If you think you've got what it takes to beat Andre, you can sign up for a match by following this link. If you can't get to LA but you'd still like to watch, Miller Lite will livestream the event on Twitch. Good luck to all, and may the odds be ever in your favor. As for the rest of us, we'll just have to settle for a regular ol' Miller Time at the best dive bar in every state.