Matt Damon Partners With Stella Artois To Provide Clean Water In Developing Countries

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For years, Matt Damon has bounced across the silver screen in favorites like The Martian, Jason Bourne, and Interstellar. But on February 4, the 47-year-old actor is downsizing to the boob tube for a Super Bowl campaign in partnership with Stella Artois — and it's all for a very good cause.

The 30-second ad titled "Taps" highlights the fact that instant access to safe water is often taken for granted by Americans while millions of people in developing countries are forced to walk up to six hours each day to collect the water they need to survive.

So from January 15 until April 15, every purchase of any Stella Artois 12-pack will help Damon's nonprofit provide 12 months of clean water for one person in the developing world.

And for those watching the game at a bar or restaurant, each pint or bottle purchased will gift one month of clean water.

Beer lovers can also purchase a limited-edition chalice on Amazon for $13, which will help provide five years of clean water to someone in need. Each festive glass features hand-crafted designs created by female artists from Mexico, India, and the Philippines.

As for 2018's big matchup between the Eagles and the Patriots, Damon plans on keeping it low-key by rooting for New England from his living room. But he's hoping this year's contest runs a little smoother than last year's victorious comeback against the Falcons.

"It went from the worst Super Bowl party of my life to the best one," Damon said at Stella Artois' Super Bowl launch party. "Ben Affleck and I were in the corner literally not talking to anybody and then we were just jumping for joy, so last year was pretty darn good."

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