Hooch App

Composite by Dan Myers

Looking for a New Cocktail Spot? Try Hooch and Get 30 Cocktails for Less Than the Price of One

A monthly subscription costs just $9.99, and six cities are already on board

We can already see the commercial in our minds: A guy walks up to a swanky bar, drops 16 bucks on a high-end cocktail, pays, and savors his first sip. Then someone sits down right next to him, orders the same drink, tells the bartender that he has Hooch, and gets the cocktail for free.

Guy #1: Did you just get that drink for free?

Guy #2: Yeah, it’s through this app called Hooch. I pay 10 bucks a month and I get a free cocktail every day.

Guy #1 immediately downloads the app and gets his next round for free. The two men toast to their superior savvy and intellect. End scene.

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Austin, or Hong Kong, consider yourself Guy #1. And it’s really that easy. After you download the app on iPhone or Android, it will suggest nearby bars that have signed up, along with the available cocktails. Once you’re at the bar, just show the bartender the app, redeem your drink, and enjoy. 

I had the opportunity to take the app for a test run and have been really impressed by it. Although you’re obviously at the mercy of the app in terms of the bars and cocktails that are available, the selection (in New York at least) is broad and hasn’t let me down. I actually used it just the other day to discover a cool cocktail bar right around the corner from my office that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. And while it can always be tricky to guarantee that every bartender at every bar that’s signed up will know what to do when someone shows them the app, I haven’t received any blank stares yet.

If you like discovering new bars, like cocktails, and think you’ll use the app more than once a month to get your money’s worth, then there’s really no reason to not sign up for Hooch. And heck, if one of those bars becomes a favorite, you can even drop by for a free cocktail every day. Just don’t forget to tip!

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