Lidl's Award-Winning French Champagne Is Only $10 This Weekend

Oo la la!

The supermarket Lidl is running a $10 Champagne deal for two days only.  

Lidl’s award-winning Champagne already comes at quite a bargain, but this weekend the discount supermarket chain is selling their bubbly for about as much as a good bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s. Beginning Saturday, November 17, Lidl will be offering its Comte de Brismand Brut Champagne for $10 for two days only. The Champagne typically retails for $20.

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The authentic French Champagne with notes of pear, apple, and toast is aged in the cellars of the historic Champagne region in Northeast France before it’s brought over to the U.S., according to a press release from Lidl. While other sparkling wines are made all around the world, only those crafted within the region may be labeled Champagne under European Union law, and they are typically priced at a premium, which makes $10 a ridiculously low price for a bottle of real Champagne.

Customers can purchase up to six bottles at once of the award-winning champers on Saturday and Sunday. Lidl’s Master of Wine, Adam Lapierre, recommends pairing your $10 bottle of Champagne with brie cheese, fresh oysters or other briny shellfish. There’s nothing like saving $10 on a bottle of Champagne just to splurge on fresh oysters!

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The German-owned supermarket chain first opened in the U.S. in 2017. Their first 20 stores were in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, but they have expanded through much of the East Coast. Shopping at supermarkets that offer deals like this is just one of the 24 tips and tricks you can use to save money at the supermarket.