LaCroix Announces Hibiscus Flavor After Twitter Tease

LaCroix recently shared a mystery message on Twitter hinting that a new flavor was on its way. Attached was an image of a vibrant pink can, prompting wild speculation from fans as to what it might be. Reasonable guesses included watermelon, strawberry lemonade, pomegranate, raspberry lime and dragon fruit. Others offered "cotton candy," "Pepto Bismol," "the blood of my enemies," "CBD" and "a new Rihanna song."

How to Boil Water β€” Really

When the big reveal happened three days later, it was none of the above and fans are feeling a little slighted. The new flavor is hibiscus β€” though LaCroix is calling it "HI-Biscus!" β€” and will be available soon, starting in the Western United States.

"You been knew we all thought this was going to be watermelon," @emwngg said on Twitter, adding a couple extremely frustrated-looking emojis. Β 

"I wanted watermelon," @deannehansen said. "We all wanted watermelon."

"You know this isn't what we want why did you do this to us," @chaseiscool_16 said.

Then there was @marabdominguez, who shared a GIF of Sharpay from "High School Musical," singing her part of "Stick to the Status Quo."

And @beth3390, who expressed her disappointment with this cute GIF of a dog eating watermelon. "Not what I was expecting," she said.

Hibiscus wasn't an immediate hit with LaCroix enthusiasts on Twitter, but it seems there's a larger positive response on Instagram. Take it from @jennah.slayton who said, "IT FINALLY HAPPENED FLOWER FLAVOR LACROIX I MIGHT CRY!!" Don't cry, Jennah. Flavored seltzer water is an inexpensive and tasty alternative to sugary soft drinks β€” but is it actually good for you?