Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Stay Slim with These 10 Juice and Smoothie Recipes

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Juicing is the easiest way to watch what you eat
Green Smoothie

If you have a hard time eating your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, these recipes are for you.

You made your healthy  New Year’s resolution with good intentions. But with all of the all the meal planning, portion control, and calorie counting, it’s probably not as easy as you thought it would be.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Stay Slim with These 10 Juice and Smoothie Recipes (Slideshow)

If only there was a way to get all the necessary nutrients in one meal. Ah, actually, you can — and it comes in a form of a beverage.

Smoothies aren’t the cure to a poor diet, but they can lead you on the path to a better one. Don’t believe us? Take the documentary Powered by Green Smoothies, for example. This film is dedicated to documenting the benefits that green smoothies have on ultra-runners and CrossFit athletes. After consuming health-friendly smoothies regularly, the athletes had better coordination, quicker recovery times, and less soreness, resulting in an overall better performance.

The right combination of fruits and vegetables have been shown to have the ability to lower inflammation, increase metabolism, clear acne, and aid in weight loss. Smoothies are quick way to get a lot of nutrients at once, because you’re blending more food and absorbing more nutrients than you could eat in one sitting.

If you’re ready to jump-start your diet and supply your body with the right fuel to help reach your resolution goals, these recipes can help get you started.

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