Jolt Cola Is Now On Amazon, So You Have No Excuse Not To Stay Awake

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Jolt Cola is now available on Amazon. America's first carbonated energy drink with twice the caffeine is being sold worldwide via Amazon, and it's even available on Amazon Prime. The beverage ideal for "night owls, gamers, hackers, journalists, and other go-getters who need a boost" is making itself even more available after the big-time success it saw with its re-release at Dollar General stores.

The '80s-era classic can be shipped to you in a four-pack of its 16-ounce cans, each of which boasts 160 milligrams of caffeine and 50 grams of sugar. For those who have never had the pleasure of experiencing Jolt but want to order it online: Just imagine a buzz more like Red Bull than Coca-Cola.

The four-pack retails online for $12.99. Although if you want a boost but don't have the cash, you can try these 8 healthy alternatives to energy drinks here