Jim Beam’s Smart Bourbon Decanter Will Pour You a Drink

Jim can’t order groceries like Alexa or arm your house alarm like Google Home, but it will pour you a drink

Move over Alexa, there’s a new personal assistant in town. Jim Beam has released the world’s first smart decanter that’s responsive to verbal commands. “Jim” — voiced by master distiller Fred Noe — will even pour you a glass of whiskey.

“At Jim Beam, we’re in the business of evolving the way people drink delicious bourbon,” Noe said in a statement. “For decades, we produced unique limited-edition decanters that are now collectors’ items. And now, we’re introducing a smart decanter that lets fans enjoy their bourbon on demand with friends and family.”

jim decanter

Courtesy of Jim Beam

Jim runs on 3G wireless technology that expires roughly six months after its first use. Thereafter, Jim will turn back into a regular decanter. A small quantity of the decanters are available online for $34.90 with a limit of one per customer, although the website says the item is currently “temporarily” out of stock. For more on the spirit inside of “Jim,” here are 10 things you didn’t know about whiskey.

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