How to Stock Your Whole Holiday Bar for Under $100 Bucks

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Host a holiday party without hurting your wallet
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Use these bar-stocking guidelines and save some serious cash.

Holiday party season has begun. If you want to host a great holiday bash, your bar had better be ready. Sure, you could always just open a bottle of wine, but come mid-December, your guests (and your wallet), will be over it. Avoid this problem by preparing an at-home holiday bar.

How to Stock Your Whole Holiday Bar for Under $100 Bucks (Slideshow)

Contrary to what most believe, entertaining doesn’t have to be expensive. On the flipside, you also don’t need the cheap wine and sugary mixes. You can stock your bar with fewer than 100 bucks to spend and still whip up some great cocktails.

A pound of ice for each guest will keep you from going through all your booze on the first round, and if you make it yourself, it’s free. Also, creating flavored seltzers and soda waters for mixed drinks will save you cash on pre-made mixers.

Instead of buying over-the-top garnishes, sugars, and spices, hit up your pantry. Spices like cinnamon, clove, and ginger, as well as additions like homemade simple syrup can add layers of flavor to your mixed drinks. Fun garnishes like mini candy canes and chocolate candies are a festive touch, but cocktail olives and onions will get you just as far.

Ready to get your bar as stocked as your Christmas stocking? Here's how to stock your bar with enough ingredients to keep a dozen people happy throughout your party for under $100.