How Matcha Helped Me Quit Coffee For Good

I used to be a coffee fiend. My go-to was an iced grande almond milk latte from Starbucks to start, followed by an iced grande Starbucks cold brew, followed by whatever coffee I could find in our office (usually reheated in the microwave). I would drink three to four cups a day during the week and two per day on weekends when I was "relaxing." My stomach was always in knots, I was always jittery, and I had trouble falling asleep at night. Plus, I was either bursting with energy or absolutely exhausted with little to no in between.

How Matcha Helped Me Quit Coffee for Good Gallery

Caffeine was the culprit, but I knew I couldn't quit cold turkey. Limiting my coffee intake felt akin to saying, "I'll only have one potato chip." Who the heck only eats just one when they say they will? Certainly not me. But I knew if I switched to decaf I would be sorely disappointed. Coffee is not just about the taste, it's about the way you feel and the community you build when you go grab it with a friend or do a coffee run for the office. I wanted something that would give me a little kick, would taste great hot or iced, and would allow me to be a part of the "Let's grab a cup of coffee" ritual that is so sacred to people ages 18 to 105. I repeat, I was not trying to quit caffeine, I was trying to find something that worked better for my body (and my tummy). 

That's when I found matcha. I had known matcha previously, as that "green tea latte" drink I ordered from Starbucks with whole milk on a whim one time and hated. But that was in college. I am so much older now, and much more mature — I only drink almond and oat milk! Recently I decided I was ready to give matcha another try and probably be disgusted again. Only this time, I wasn't.

Matcha cured my coffee dependency, aided my digestion, helped my skin, and got rid of my jitters. It let me engage in the ritual of "getting coffee" without the weird looks or sacrificing taste for something like a chai tea (blegh). Basically, it did practically everything except clean my house and pay off my student loans! Now I love matcha — aka Kourtney Kardashian's favorite Starbucks order — and I can't wait to give you my matcha recs and matcha facts and tell you all about the one drink that helped me quit coffee for good.