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How Alcohol Can Make You More Attractive

Alcohol can do anything. It’s science!

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Everyone always talks about how vegetable juice can help your skin, or how tea can speed up recovery when you’re sick, but can they do those things, give you killer dance moves, and make you more attractive? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

There are plenty of studies out there about how alcohol affects your health. Surprisingly, many of them have found that when enjoyed in moderation, it can help your heart and cure your hangover. In addition to these benefits, we’ve recently come across a study that found it can make you more attractive as well. Now, we’re convinced alcohol can do anything.

According to a recent study at the University of Houston, social drinkers are seen as more attractive than those drinking to excess and those who aren’t drinking anything at all. In other words, balance is key, but if you don’t want to go home alone you should always have a drink in your hand.

Here’s how it all went down: The study was conducted with 594 heterosexual undergraduate students. Each was shown a picture of the opposite sex, alongside a random label revealing their drinking habits. The labels read things like, “This college student drinks socially on occasion,” or “This college student frequently drinks heavily.” The students were asked to sore each picture on a scale of one to seven for likability, attractiveness, intelligence, and approachability. Details reports that those who don’t drink at all scored a 2.86, heavy drinkers scored a 2.86, and social drinkers scored a 3.69.

Obviously, when someone is trying to hit on you and they can hardly speak or stand up straight, it isn’t the most attractive thing. The more shocking result, though, was the fact that those who completely refrain from alcohol were ranked as less attractive than those who drink socially.

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What do you think about these results? Is it about actually drinking the alcohol, or just holding the drink? Better yet, how would the results change if the students taking the survey were drunk? We have a few guesses…