Haus Unveils Bitter Clove, A Whiskey Inspired Apéritif Delivering A Better Way To Drink

All-Natural California-Made Apéritif Bitter Clove Available for Pre-Order Direct to Consumer

All-Natural California-Made Apéritif Bitter Clove Available for Pre-Order Direct to Consumer

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Haus, the direct to consumer brand redefining the alcohol industry for today's generation of drinkers, introduces Bitter Clove, the latest product in its low alcohol by volume (ABV) line of apéritifs. At 15% ABV, Bitter Clove fills a gap for discerning whiskey lovers who want a lower alcohol alternative. Made with natural ingredients in Sonoma County and delivered directly to customers' doorsteps, Bitter Clove is available for pre-order today at and will ship on October 15th.

With low-ABV drinking culture on the rise, Bitter Clove has one third the alcohol of whiskey, and satisfies the previously unmet need of consumers who want to enjoy the earthy, spicy taste of dark liquor without the undesired consequences.

Haus launched in June 2019 with its first flavor, Citrus Flower – an alternative to Aperol, which saw soaring demand. Its first allocation sold out within hours; the second selling out before it was even released. Founded by Silicon Valley startup creative veteran Helena Price Hambrecht and third-generation winemaker Woody Hambrecht, they launched Haus to solve a problem they personally experienced.  

"We wanted the ritual of drinking without the consequences of high sugar, high alcohol liquor -- And it turns out millennials want the same thing," said Co-Founder and Co-CEO Helena Price Hambrecht. "Nothing in the market worked for us, so we decided to make a new product that's delicious, yes, but also lets us bring the focus of drinking culture back to how we spend time with the people in our lives. With Bitter Clove, we're excited to deliver the first low-ABV solution for brown liquor lovers."

Bitter Clove is made with a base of distilled and fermented chardonnay grapes, as is common with apéritifs, as well as natural botanicals, including cloves, star anise, Saigon cinnamon, and ginger. Whenever possible, the ingredients are sourced from the Hambrecht's ranch in Sonoma County, and each bottle is made and batched by Woody and the Haus team. 

"I created Bitter Clove to be reminiscent of drinking an old fashioned by the fire," says Haus Co-Founder and Co-CEO Woody Hambrecht. "Bitter Clove recreates that experience and taste to give whiskey lovers the lower ABV option they've been looking for. We're proud to be the first to create a whiskey alternative that appeals to the new generation of drinkers who, like us, want to put the emphasis back on how we gather."

Bitter Clove, and every Haus apéritif, is meant to be served the way you prefer it – on the rocks, with soda, in a spritz or in a cocktail. Thanks to its low-ABV, Bitter Clove is designed to be enjoyed throughout the evening.

Breaking away from the alcohol industry's 100-year-old norms, Haus sells direct to consumer and can be shipped to customer's home, office, coworking space, or wherever is most convenient. Haus is the first competitor to the liquor space to leverage a direct to consumer model, which enables the company to build a meaningful relationship with its customers.

Right now, customers can pre-order a single bottle of Bitter Clove for $35 or two bottles for $70. All purchases are exclusively available online at Drink Haus.

About Haus

Haus is the first direct to consumer brand to redefine the alcohol industry for today's generation of drinkers. Haus' first line of products, apéritifs, are all-natural, low alcohol by volume alternatives to gin or whiskey, designed for consumers who want the social ritual of drinking, without the undesired consequences. The first company of its kind, Haus owns production end-to-end, bypassing traditional gatekeepers and selling directly to the drinker. Haus was founded by Helena Price Hambrecht, a Silicon Valley brand and creative veteran, and Woody Hambrecht, a third-generation winemaker. The company is based in Healdsburg, California. For more information visit


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