Gatorade Releases New Peach Flavor in Honor of Super Bowl in Atlanta

Sounds just peachy!

In honor of Super Bowl LIII, Gatorade has released a new limited edition small-batch flavor called "Peach Blitz."

It seems like everyone is getting in on the Super Bowl action. Pizza Hut temporarily changed its name, and the Backstreet Boys gave Chance the Rapper a dance lesson for Doritos. Skittles is creating an entire Broadway musical. But that was only the beginning. Ahead of Super Bowl LIII, Gatorade is shaking things up by releasing a limited-edition batch of peach-flavored Gatorade in honor of the big game, and it's as sweet as a Georgia peach.

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The bad news is there are only 1,000 bottles total of the Peach Blitz flavor. The good news is that Gatorade is dropping off 53 bottles of this sports drink in select locations around Atlanta for free. So far, the locations have included Centennial Park, Spring Street NW and 5th Street NE, and Five Points. But they're still going.


Those still looking to score a limited-edition Peach Blitz can head to Beltline at 10th and Monroe on Friday, February 2, at 4 p.m. or Centennial Park on February 3 at noon. The 53 bottles will be given out each day on a first-come, first-served basis. Hopefully you can get your hands on one! It might help you rehydrate while you run errands to gather your Super Bowl party essentials.