What The World's Most Famous People Drink Every Morning

Hint: None of it is a big glass of milk
meghan markle, jennifer aniston
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The Daily Meal has compiled a list of celebrities and has done research on what they drink every morning.

While you sleep, you dehydrate. It is essential to wake up and drink something (hopefully water) to replenish your body. But after careful research, we have discovered that the world’s most famous people don’t always wake up and chug H20. In fact, many of them start their mornings with coffee, smoothies, juices, and tea. We can’t say for sure that their beverage choices directly relate to their successes — but we can’t say for sure that they don’t!

What the World’s Most Famous People Drink Every Morning Gallery

Drinking like a celebrity every morning may not make you as rich, powerful, or famous as they are. Making Gwyneth Paltrow’s $200 smoothie may make your skin glow, but it will make your bank account fade.

You definitely shouldn’t have as many cans of Diet Coke as Bill Gates enjoys at the office, and Selena Gomez’s morning health tonic might make your throat burn. 

No, you won’t become an international pop star or coffee chain CEO overnight by chugging these drinks, but you will have something in common with the world’s most famous people by drinking as they do every morning.

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