Drinking Gin Makes You More Likely To Drunkenly Shop Online

If you're trying to save some cash after happy hour drinks, you may want to stick to just a glass or two of white wine. A recent survey has found that people who drink gin are likely to spend more money while drunkenly shopping online than those who drink other alcohols.

"Buzzed Buying," a study into drunk Amazon shopping by Florida-based rehab facility Archstone Recovery Center, surveyed 1,094 shoppers who had purchased items from the retail giant while intoxicated. The study revealed that on average, gin drinkers who bought the items in their virtual cart tended to spend the most, at $82.40. Rum, vodka, white wine, red wine, tequila, beer, and whiskey drinkers tended to spend less (in descending order).

The survey did not find any evidence as to why gin makes shoppers so click-happy on Amazon despite the fact that being gin-drunk can be connected to extreme emotions and wild behavior. "There's no evidence that getting 'gin drunk' is any different from any other type of intoxication," it states. Besides being the most likely to shop more, Gin drinkers are also the most likely to splurge more when hitting that Amazon 1-click on a pricey item. On average, those who made big purchases while drunk off gin spent $235.10. Whiskey drinkers jumped up to second place in terms of splurging, shelling out $204.70, followed by tequila, beer, rum, vodka, white wine, and finally red wine — those tannin headaches must make going deeper into debt seem like a real pain.

The study also found that on average, women spend more than men while drunk online shopping, that the most regretted drunk purchases are cell phones, and that the most enjoyed are musical instruments. But hey, drunk-you knows that if you could just livestream yourself playing on your brand-new Fender guitar with your brand-new iPhone X, you could become a star!

But if you really plan on making a big purchase you won't regret, we recommend staying away from the 10 most alcoholic cocktails.