Donald Trump Blasted by Scots Over Irn-Bru Ban at Luxe Resort

‘Out, damned spot! Out, I say!’
donald trump irn bru
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Trump Turnberry is reportedly trying to avoid expensive spills.

Scots are furious with Donald Trump after their favorite fizzy pop was banned from his golf course resort in South Ayrshire. According to The Scotsman, Irn-Bru orange soda — known as Scotland’s “other national drink” after whisky — is no longer allowed at Turnberry because it would cost nearly $677,507 to remove a stain. The luxe property, which the Don bought in 2014, recently underwent a $271 million renovation with hundreds of thousands alone spent on new carpets, and Irn-Bru is known to leave a tough-to-clean splotch when spilled.

“We can’t have it staining when to replace the ballroom carpet would be £500,000 alone,” Turnberry manager Ralph Porciani told the Ayrshire Post. “We have villas here with Irn-Bru stains in the carpets which I can’t let.”

The Daily Meal has contacted Trump Turnberry and Irn-Bru’s parent company, A.G. Barr, for comment.

Turnberry Hotel guests can still order other popular soda competitors like the Trump-favorite Coca-Cola, but the decision to ban Irn-Bru isn’t sitting well with Scots at all. The carbonated drink brand even commented on the matter via Twitter.

“Donald — some things you CAN get away with, others you CAN’T!” the company tweeted.

“Scotland’s basically at war now,” @uhh_kate said.

“Irn-Bru just got a huge advertising boost, courtesy of Donald Trump. The orange man bans the orange drink at Turnberry. That man is an absolute zoomer,” @deewallace32 wrote.

“Hands off our Irn-Bru, Trump! Or feel the bite of Scotland’s four good teeth,” @anayafatima threatened.

Irn-Bru was created in Scotland in 1901, and has been widely featured in museums, music, comics, and movies in the years to follow. The bubbly pop is wildly famous in the U.K., and while you can find it in the U.S., it isn’t as popular with Americans. Stateside, soda seekers will see lots of Coca-Cola and Pepsi products, including Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Sprite, and Fanta. Take a stroll down memory lane with us to find out which soda was the most popular during the year that you were born

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