This Disney x Starbucks Collaboration Is Too Cute

Be the envy of everyone in the Starbucks line with these travel mugs

Disney-themed Starbucks travel mugs are being sold exclusively at Disneyland and Disney World with all new super cute designs. An Instagram account devoted to Disney mugs — called (appropriately enough) “mugs_of_disney” — posted some new photos of Starbucks travel mugs featuring three amazing illustrations.

Although the overarching motif — Mickey Mouse’s silhouette — is the same for all three, it’s what’s inside Mickey that matters. Each Mickey is designed to reflect a different part of a park — Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom — and each travel mug is uniquely designed with reminiscent colors, prints, and icons from each place. Plus they are super, super cute.

In previous years, Disney fans have posted photos of mugs featuring California Adventure and the Small World ride.

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Hopefully you can fill up your Disney-Starbucks collaboration mug at any of the 10 best restaurants at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.