A Definitive List Of The Best 'Star Wars' Cocktails

Calling all Star Wars junkies! Star Wars: Episode VII premieres on December 18. If you ask us, this calls for a celebration.

Throw the ultimate sci-fi party in honor of Episode VII with these five unique and tasty Star Wars cocktails.

Dagobah Swamp Soda

Honor Yoda in his final years and raise a glass to his home, the Dagobah Swamp. Like the swamp, this Star Wars-themed mojito is out of this world.

Click here for the Dagobah Swamp Soda recipe.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Who wouldn't want to try a drink named after a legendary Jedi master? Sip on this gin and Kool-Aid cocktail and let the Force be with you.

Click here for the Obi-Wan Kenobi cocktail recipe.

The Dark Side Martini

With black rum, crème de cacao, and brown sugar, this Star Wars martini is deliciously deadly.

Click here for The Dark Side Martini recipe.

The Harrison Ford

What better way to honor Han Solo than by sipping on a cocktail named after the man who plays him? This coffee cocktail will give you a burst of energy, allowing you to watch the entire series in one sitting (including the new episode!). Who's up for the challenge?

Click here for the Harrison Ford cocktail recipe.

The Yoda

Yoda is a very complex creature with a colorful past. Take a shot to this wise and powerful creature with this intricate yet satisfying recipe.

Click here for The Yoda shot recipe.