Choice Organic Teas Celebrates 30 Years

Choice Organic Teas
Leading organic tea company enjoys three decades of "Putting care in every cup"

Leading organic tea company enjoys three decades of "Putting care in every cup"

SEATTLE, Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Choice Organic Teas, the "Original Organic Tea Company" and the leading purveyor of exclusively organic teas, celebrates 30 years of crafting delicious teas committed to a healthy community and planet.  

Parent company Granum Inc. began as an importer and distributor of cookware and organic macrobiotic ingredients to natural food stores across the country.  The scarcity of organic tea in the marketplace inspired the launch of the brand Choice Organic Teas in 1989, making it the first exclusively organic tea company in the country. The company has since expanded to operating its own tea-packing machines at its Seattle location and producing over 70 organic teas with national and international distribution. The first imported teas, Twig Kukicha, Bancha Hojicha, and Premium Japanese Green, can still be found in most natural food stores across the country.

"Our 30th anniversary celebrates past and present employees who have contributed to the company's success. It's a time to reflect and thank growers at origin, our suppliers, trade partners and of course, our customers. By choosing social and environmental responsibility, we raised the bar and have had an exciting and enjoyable time doing so." says Ray Lacorte, Senior Vice President.

As the first organic tea company in the United States, Choice Organic Teas continues to lead the industry with values firmly rooted in sustainability. In 2000, the tea brand became the first in the U.S. to source Fair Trade Certified™ teas and in 2010, the first to acquire Non-GMO Project Verification. Close, longstanding relationships with tea growers and ingredient suppliers around the globe and the loyal, hardworking Seattle employees have contributed to the success of the trusted tea brand. Its commitment to high quality and authentic, pure ingredients can be tasted in every cup.

A brand of Granum, Inc. in Seattle, Washington, CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS made its debut in 1989. A top selling producer of certified organic teas, the company has promoted the growth and development of organic agriculture in tea estates worldwide with over 70 varieties of teas and herbal infusions available in tea bags and loose leaf. Choice Organic Teas is one of the few tea companies that packages its own tea, giving it direct control over quality and food safety. 


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