CHEMEX® Unveils The CHEMEX® Chettle(TM)

CHEMEX Corporation
Stunning Glass and Stainless-Steel Gooseneck Vessel Takes the Boring Out of Boiling

Stunning Glass and Stainless-Steel Gooseneck Vessel Takes the Boring Out of BoilingJoe Kwon, Cellist for The Avett Brothers Calls The Chettle "Perfect for my perfect morning cup of coffee."

CHICOPEE, Mass., Oct. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CHEMEX®, the provider of superior coffee brewing equipment and the inventor of the CHEMEX® Coffeemaker, today unveiled The Chettle™, a top of its class, glass and stainless-steel gooseneck vessel that reimagines the experience of boiling water.

Unlike most gooseneck kettles on the market, this large capacity kettle can brew a full 40 ounces, offers to-the- degree temperature control, superior pour ability, flow rate management, and is dishwasher safe. View the Chettle™  here

"When we set out to design the Chettle™ our ambition was to find the perfect balance between water, spout and handle and ultimately allow those elements to work as one to power an effortless pour," said Adams Grassy of CHEMEX®.  "We tested and modified continuously, looking for ease-of-control, flow rate, precision, accuracy, heating, and an overall exemplary experience, user by user."

The Chettle™ is the latest designed product from CHEMEX®, joining the CHEMEX® portfolio of the CHEMEX® coffeemaker and CHEMEX® bonded filters. Since 1941, the company has been passionately focused on designing beautiful products to brew the perfect cup of coffee. The company has been family owned for close to 40 years is located in Western Massachusetts, where each filter is made, and every coffeemaker is hand tied. CHEMEX® is consistently recognized for its commitment to design and innovative approaches for superior brewing equipment. 

What People Are Saying About the Chettle™

"I've loved using it. The shape, size and ergonomics have been great to use. It heats quickly and seems to maintain temperature well on the base. I've really enjoyed it." Glen Edith Coffee, NY

"The Chettle™ has taken the place in my workshop as the gooseneck of choice. The control of the gooseneck is phenomenal. It allows me to pinpoint delivery of water with as fast or as slow a flow as I need. As a bonus, induction heat does not require an electrical connection on the bottom of the kettle. It is a small but significant detail." Ben Jones, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, Trainer, Educator, Aeropress Champion 2016

"I have been looking for an induction option for my gooseneck kettles, and the CHEMEX® Chettle fulfills this void in my home brewing setup. The styling of the CHEMEX® Chettle also looks beautiful on my countertop. I truly enjoy the temperature control and hold option of the kettle which is perfect for my perfect morning cup of coffee." Joe Kwon, Cellist for The Avett Brothers

The Chettle™ uses induction heating, offering an energy efficient, fast heating process and a clean design. Beyond rapid boiling and differentiated esthetics, the Chettle™, with its stainless-steel bottom and complementary glass body, can hold additional water capacity without the added weight of electrical components housed within the actual vessel. 

CHEMEX® is a family owned company with headquarters located in Western Massachusetts, where the CHEMEX® Coffeemakers, CHEMEX® bonded filters, Ottomatic™ Coffeemaker and CHEMEX® accessories are distributed worldwide. The company's mission is to provide superior coffee brewing equipment. The iconic CHEMEX® has remained unchanged for 78 years.

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