CharDOGnay, MosCato, and Other Ways to Wind Down With Your Pet

CharDOGnay, MosCato, and Other Ways to Wind Down With Your Pet

Don’t forget your pet when you pour yourself a glass of wine

Having pets is a wonderful, life-changing thing. They love you unconditionally, greet you at the door after a long day of hard work, and snuggle with you on rainy days or if you’re feeling blue. We buy our cats and dogs catnip, rawhide treats, squeaky toys, and all kinds of gourmet pet foods to ensure they live long healthy lives. People dress them up, refer to them as “fur babies,” and even bake them cakes on their birthdays.

Now there is product out there designed for pet and owner to enjoy together. Apollo Peak is a Colorado based company that produces wine for cats and dogs. (It can also be safely consumed by humans, but you might prefer a glass of chardonnay to Apollo Peak’s CharDOGnay.) What better way to demonstrate your love for your furry family members than by unwinding on the sofa with a glass in your hand and another on the floor for Fido or Fluffy?

From Pinot Meow to White Kittendel and Moscato to CharDOGnay, Zinfantail and Malbark, the brightly colored drinks, packaged in small wine bottles, all have amusing names. The drinks contain no alcohol or grapes (both of which are harmful to pets) and are dyed using natural beet juice. Those drinks marketed for cats are available in 8-meownce and 1.6-meownce bottles, while dog wines are available in 12-pounce and 8-pounce bottles

Coming up with an appropriate stimulant for the cat wines was a no brainer — catnip gives imbibing felines a nice little buzz, while chamomile and peppermint are used for the canine versions to mellow out your pooch.

If you have ever come home, cracked open a bottle, and poured yourself a single, lovely glass of wine to enjoy on your own, now you can pour one for your pet as well — Apollo Peak sells Premium Pet Wine Glasses too — then kick back, enjoy the good company, and make sure things don’t get out of hand!

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Apollo Peak’s products are formulated to be safe for Felix to enjoy, but to learn about foods you should not feed your pet, click here