Burned Out With Office Snacks? Tyme Launches 'Swipe Right or Left' Feature For Office Snacks

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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Someday, perhaps not too far in the future, the office manager's regular chore of choosing and shopping for office snacks (as well as fielding employee complaints about them) will be considered outdated, even quaint.

The company that is making this possible is Tyme Commerce. And the way they're doing it is by launching a new feature of its already popular office snack program.

Using a mobile app, employees can quickly provide "like/dislike" feedback on suggested snacks before the office snack order is placed. The result? Snacks are selected and automatically ordered based on the preferences of all employees, whether there are 10, 100, or 1,000.

Tyme is the only platform to offer such a feature. It will save office managers a ton of time and frustration. Not only does the Tyme snack concierge solicit feedback from each employee about their likes and dislikes, it aggregates that data and automatically orders the snacks.

In today's workplace, it's typical for employees to have a wide variety of dietary restrictions or food allergies, not to mention personal preferences. Choosing snacks for the entire office is usually an aggravating, thankless task for the office manager.

With Tyme's newest like/dislike feature, office managers spend less time guessing what employees like to eat or trying to get input person-by-person. When paired with the platform's automated snack ordering and snack delivery service, Tyme has virtually removed the entire snack ordering dilemma from the office manager's plate.

Today's companies are looking for ways to keep current employees happy as well as appeal to qualified job candidates. Upgrading the office snack program is a simple and cost effective solution. Even better, using the like/dislike feature can help to prevent food waste, as fewer snacks will be thrown out.

Of course, employees stand to benefit the most by this new snack ordering feature. Firstly, they save money by not having to purchase snacks. Secondly, they have some control in choosing the snacks that are stocked, which is especially appreciated by those who have limited food options due to allergies or dietary restrictions.

Tyme's newly launched feature supplements an already popular snack program, one that gives clients first access to the newest snacks on the market and provides a variety of sustainable products with clean, delicious ingredients.

Besides its office snack program, Tyme's end-to-end artificial intelligence driven food platform provides a complete corporate food ordering program along with an order-ahead mobile app and a restaurant marketplace solution.

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Tyme Commerce is a personalized, omni-channel end-to-end food platform that customizes the world around you to your likes and preferences with AI-driven solutions for consumers and restaurateurs alike. With Tyme, consumers use personalized menus and an intelligent digital concierge to order from their favorite merchants. Merchants are able to customize orders and use the rich analytics data that they receive to connect better with their customers and provide a superior experience. In addition, Tyme Commerce's first-ever restaurant-to-restaurant marketplace gives restaurants the ideal platform for finding specialty items, while providing an expanded sales tool for entrepreneurs serving the restaurant industry.

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