50 Best Sports Bars in America

These bars offer an experience as exciting as the big game itself
Best Sports Bars in America

What makes a sports bar great? Food and drink specials, the best TVs, a solid beer selection, and, most importantly: the fans.

There’s nothing quite like the electricity and fever of watching a big game in the stadium, surrounded by thousands of rabid fans. But the sports bar comes mighty close, and some might say reaches its own level of bliss as a gathering place that offers a unique version of the live sporting experience. The sports bar has come to hold a special place in a spectator's heart — it's where you can collectively experience the triumphs, the heartaches, and the last-minute surprises of any game.

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What's made the American sports bar what it is today goes far past the TV (though it certainly helps to be watching the game on a 10-foot projector screen). Today's best sports bars reimagine what the collective sports-watching experience can be. We went deep into the outfield to compile our list of the best sports bars in America: We reached out to our wide network of contributors and combed through scores of local “best-of lists” and fan reviews to find the country’s favorites.


Those bars that made our list offer food, drinks, entertainment, and an atmosphere as electric as (or sometimes more electric than) the sporting events themselves. But no matter the amenities, what makes these 50 sports bars truly great comes down to the heart of the operation: the fans.