The Best Beer in Every State 2017

From the red ales of the redwood forests to the IPAs of the New York islands

51 of the absolute best beers in America.

This is 2017's ranking of the best beer in every state. For the most recent ranking, please click here.

Some states are better known for their craft beers than others. Michigan, California, Vermont, and Maine seem to contain all of the world’s best beers at times and oftentimes dominate the beer conversation in America. But hop heads, stout devotees, and pilsner people all across the United States know that each and every state has its shining beacons of beer.

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So, we decided to give Alabama, South Dakota, and even Utah some love by finding out what beer reigns supreme in the less talked about areas of the country. From the red ales of the redwood forests to the IPAs of the New York islands, we found the best beer in each and every state.

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We combed through Beer Advocate, RateBeer, Untappd, and winners from the Great American Beer Festival to determine that beer everyone orders and seeks out in your state. Some of these beers are ultra-rare and much-coveted. But others are everyday flagship IPAs and lagers that are just really, really well done.

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