Jack Daniel's Is The Most Recommended Shot By Bartenders, According To Survey

If you sidle up to a bar with no idea what to order for your group, not only will your bartender likely be annoyed, but they'll also probably recommend a round of whiskey shots from one specific brand. An annual survey found that the shot most recommended by American bartenders is Jack Daniel's.

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The MetrixLab MSS US Bartender Influencer Study asked around 10,000 U.S.-based bartenders to rank all major spirit brands by how likely they are to recommend them to customers. The consumer insights company then broke their answers down by category.

The bartenders surveyed scored Bombay Sapphire as their most recommended gin and chose Bacardi for rum and Grey Goose for vodka. The booze most recommended in the shot category was Jack Daniel's whiskey, and we think we know why. According to Esquire, Jack Daniel's is the most well-known and best-selling whiskey brand in the country. That means when a bartender recommends it, customers will be familiar with the brand and maybe even the flavor. However, a shot of JD is more expensive than a shot of well whiskey, so customers end up spending more money at the establishment. 

Patron's tequila — a spirit that can get you super drunk and supposedly help you lose weight — was ranked the top spirit overall. See, even bartenders recommend sipping quality tequila rather than blasting shots. Tequila shots are that bad of an idea. 


So the next time you wander into a bar and don't know what to get — just order a shot of JD. Nearly 10,000 bartenders from some of the best bars in America can't be wrong.