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Americans Are Most Excited to Margaritas From Bars Again, According to DoorDash

The majority of survey respondents said they're excited to order an alcoholic drink when they return to restaurants
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Although some restaurants have already reopened after shutting down during the coronavirus pandemic, some diners have not yet returned to a normal restaurant routine. But when the time finally comes to go back to restaurants and bars, there is one drink that Americans say they're most excited to order again: margaritas. 

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While it is possible to be your own mixologist during quarantine, there are some drinks that just don't reach restaurant-quality when making them at home. And margaritas seem to be ones of them. According to Doordash, 20% of people said they were most excited to order the tequila-based drink when restaurants and bars reopen.  

The data comes from DoorDash, one of the nation's top food delivery services. In order to come up whese numbers, DoorDash used data from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2020 and a national consumer survey. The company's report checked popular food and drink trends and how users ate during social distancing. The national consumer survey polled 2,000 Americans on what foods and drinks they missed the most while restaurants were closed.

According to the data, 59% of respondents said they are excited to order an aloholic drink when they return to restaurants. Margaritas were the No. 1 option, chosen by 20%. The drink was followed by a classic cocktail and beer. 

When looking at just beer and margaritas, men were divided. According to the DoorDash data, 17% of men chose beer, while 16% chose a margarita. And only 5% of women selected beer — 24% chose a margarita. 


But no matter where you stand, there are plenty of different drinks you can try making at home. And the trends seem to vary by location, from Alabama to Wyoming, these are the most popular coronavirus quarantine cocktails by state