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Adirondack Man Catches 5 Fish With Monster Energy Drink Can

Worms are so last year

If the fish aren’t biting, you might want to swap out your worm for an energy drink. That’s what Dan Therre did, anyway. The 31-year-old caught five brook trout with a bright pink Pipeline Punch Monster can.

According to, Therre and his father were camping with a group on an Adirondack pond in Upstate New York near Tupper Lake. On their first night there, they went fishing with standard worms for bait. Nothing bit.

The next morning, Therre’s father changed tactics. He used a Lake Clear Wabbler, which is a highly reflective metal lure, with a small spinner and worm.

“The brook trout responded quickly,” he told “Unfortunately, nobody else had one. The nearest place was a several hour portage and trip to get there. Nobody else wanted to do that.”

So he shared his rig with the others, who also turned out to be quite successful. Later in the day when they stopped to have lunch, Therre had a sandwich and a Monster energy drink. Shortly after finishing the beverage, Therre decided to make his own Wabbler from its reflective pink can. He used his father’s lure as a guide for size and shape, and soon enough, he was catching fish of his own. Altogether, the fishermen caught 30 brook trout, five of them using the Monster lure.

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