9 Top Coffee Chains to Work for in America

If you’ve ever considered working in a coffee shop, here are some things to think about
Coffee Chains

Ever wonder which baristas get the most benefits?

Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Caribou Coffee, and Dunkin’ Donuts. What is it about the perfect cup of coffee that keeps Americans coming back for more? Oh. Probably the perfect cup of coffee.

9 Top Coffee Chains to Work for in America (Slideshow)

No matter what your favorite chain may be, each provides a signature drink, food, and/or overall atmosphere that sets it apart from the rest.

Debates over which coffee chains make the best coffee and pastries never seems to cease, but how much do we know about the experiences of the people serving them? Have you ever stopped to think about how employees fare at your favorite chain? We have, and we decided to look into it.

In order to find which coffee chains in America value their employees most, we considered a number of things: employee discounts and perks, health benefits and insurance packages, vacation time and flexibility of hours, and finally, company culture. We would have factored in pay, but most chains pay the same thing: minimum wage where they're located.

To find coffee chain perks, we pulled information from job-ranking sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. We also dug deep into each company’s career pages and employee policy statements.

Read on to see where your favorite chain ranks on our list of best coffee chains to work for in America.

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