8 Drinks to Boost Your Metabolism Slideshow

Ginger Berry Smoothie

Valaer Murray

In addition to metabolism-boosting fresh ginger, this healthful and easy-to-make breakfast smoothie contains B vitamin-rich blueberries — specifically, B vitamins are said to be helpful in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 


Banana Cinnamon Smoothie

Valaer Murray

Eating a hearty breakfast is known to help kick-start your metabolism, so why not give your body an extra boost by making this good-for-you smoothie part of your morning routine? The inclusion of cinnamon not only makes the drink taste like a delicious Mexican horchata, it is also a member of the "warming" spices family, so it’s working to rev up your metabolism, too. Not to mention, also, that bananas are packed with B vitamins and magnesium, the latter of which assists the metabolism of energy.


Apple à la Mode Smoothie Recipe

It may sound rather decadent, but this healthful smoothie features homemade unsweetened applesauce (made from fiber-rich and metabolism-boosting whole apples) and is spiced with ground cinnamon.


Watermelon, Lime, & Lemongrass Juice Recipe

Not much of a smoothie person? No worries! This refreshing summer-ready juice is made with fresh ginger and watermelon — apparently, one of the amino acids abundant in the fruit, arginine, has been found in studies to potentially help promote weight loss. 


Grapefruit Juice

Studies have shown grapefruit juice (and grapefruits in general, really) to be effective in boosting one’s metabolism and contributing to weight loss. This is thought to be thanks to the fruit’s apparent ability to reduce high insulin levels, helping one’s body to better metabolize fat. A word of warning, however, to those on medication: the chemical components in the fruit have been found to inhibit the metabolism of certain drugs.


Iced Green Tea or Coffee

Experts seem to be in agreement that the caffeine in coffee and green is an effective way to boost your metabolism. "Researchers credit the boost in metabolism to tea’s catechins, but you probably need two cups a day to have any effect," says nutritionist Kelly Aronica. Why drink them iced? According to Dr. Oz, "Iced drinks force your body to work to warm up, which burns more energy." And as for the green tea, some might also recommend adding in lemon juice to mix, as it is also thought to help your metabolism function better.


Ice Water

Water is arguably the most cost-effective and accessible beverage you can drink to help boost your metabolism. Studies have shown that dehydration, even in small degrees, can contribute to the slowing of your metabolism, so make sure you’re not skimping on water throughout the day. Better yet, as with the coffee and green tea, drink your water icy cold to help force your body to burn more energy. 


Apricot Zinger

Looking for a more waistline-friendly choice to make at cocktail hour? This refreshing apricot "mocktail" calls for an agave-based simple syrup made with fresh ginger — an ingredient which has metabolism-boosting compounds capsaicin, piperine, and gingerols. As if that wasn’t enough, the drink also features ground cloves, another "warming" spice.