7 Culinary Content Network Stories To Read Right Now 12-16-13 (Slideshow)

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Feed Your Soul Too — Chicken Shawarma

Feed Your Soul Too started as a cooking outlet. Now, blog owner Peter loves nothing more than "being in the kitchen, listening to music, creating tasty meals and bringing family and friends together." In this post, Peter shares a recipe for chicken shawarma, which he marinades for 24 hours. 

I Heart Eating — 60-Minute Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

I Heart Eating is a blog by Kate, who as her blog suggests, loves to eat. A girl who has been "fortunate to meet great people and eat awesome food," she enjoys sharing her recipes and experiences involving food. Here, Kate shows us how to bake cinnamon rolls that taste Iike "gingerbread cookies stuffed with gooey, cinnamon roll filling" and that only take 60 minutes to make. 

A Family Feast — Buffalo Chicken Nachos

A Family Feast shares "delicious, kitchen-tested family recipes for everyday meals and special occasions." In their family, "a great meal is one way that we show our love and caring to family and friends." In this post, A Family Feast makes Buffalo chicken nachos as an appetizer for watching football games.

Oatmeal with a Fork — Skinny Eggnog (Paleo)

Oatmeal with a Fork, run by Lauren, "a business graduate with a penchant for all things culinary," aims to create healthy recipes, without compromising taste. Here, she concocts a recipe for "skinny" and dairy-free eggnog. 

Busy in Brooklyn — Gingerbread Truffles

Busy in Brooklyn is a blog by Chanie, who blogs and cooks as a "creative outlet." In this post, Chanie disguises dates as a "healthy truffle" that’s chocolate-free and tastes like gingerbread.

Mom, What’s for Dinner? — Chicken Sausage Tagliatelle

Mom, What’s for Dinner? is a blog by a mother of a daughter with celiac disease. She shares tips and tricks and gluten-free recipes for cooking for someone with celiac disease. Here, she cooks a gluten-free pasta with spicy chicken sausage. 

Hungry Happenings — Edible Christmas Cupcake Wrappers

Hungry Happenings is a blog of festive food for special occasions. In this post, Hungry Happenings designs milk chocolate edible cupcake wrappers that look like reindeers.