3 Thoughts Everyone Has While Waiting to Order at a Crowded Bar

You’ve definitely thought one of these things before
Crowded bar


Crowded bars can be the best and worth thing in the world.

Take a moment to reminisce on some of your craziest nights out. They may have been during your years as an undergrad, while watching your universities’ beloved sports team and slinging back $2 pitchers. Or maybe those nights were at your favorite neighborhood dive bar, alongside a good old fashioned jukebox and a rowdy group of locals.

Chances are, no matter where you were, you and the person next to you were thinking the exact same thing. The rowdiest, most well-known spots are always packed, and if you’ve ever been there before, you’ll know it’s impossible to get a drink.

Any of this sound familiar? Here are three things everyone thinks while they’re waiting to order at a crowded bar.

I’m Too Broke for This

The longer you wait for a drink, the more you realize you probably don’t need it that badly. Why did you offer to buy a round for everyone anyway? It may be common courtesy, but by the time you change your mind, you’re already at the bar. Just avoid looking at you’re your bank account the next day.

I’m Really, Really Drunk

When you’re spending all of your time conversing with your friends or hitting the dance floor, you may not realize how drunk you actually are. As soon as you take a moment to stand still and take stock, it will hit you like a ton of bricks. If you discover this while you’re waiting to order another drink, you might want to reconsider.

This Place Is a Dump


Next time you’re at an insanely crowded spot, take a moment to embrace your surroundings. If the drinks are cheap, the crowd is rowdy, and the speakers are blaring, it’s probably not the classiest establishment. But hey, that doesn’t make it any less of a good time, right?