This 3-D Latte Art Is Too Cute To Sip

3-D latte art is taking Japanese cafés by storm as the latest coffee trend. These cute-looking foam creations of things like rabbits, dogs, and cats have been cropping up all over social media in various adorable shapes.

Most notably, a café in Harajuku called Reissue has a dedicated in-house 3-D latte artist. Kohei Matsuno uses milk foam to shape things like tiny dairy animals and uses chocolate to give them facial expressions and small thoughtful details.

But his range spreads far beyond cute woodland creatures. Matsuno can make anything from cars to sushi with his skillful hands, and customers are nuts for it.

According to, the latte artist makes around 50 to 60 of these impressive looking lattes a day — and each one takes about 4 minutes.

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