25 Best Juice Shops In America 2015

25 Best Juice Shops in America 2015

What do you think of when you hear the word "juice?" Many Americans grew up drinking a glass of Tropicana orange juice every morning at the breakfast table or a bottle of Welch's grape juice for school lunch. These juices may please our taste buds, but if you've ever taken the time to look at the labels, you might reconsider your beverage of choice.

Unfortunately, many store-bought juices are filled with added sugar, making them not as healthy as we thought. The only way to truly gain the full benefits of fruit and vegetables in liquid form is by drinking raw, unpasteurized juice. Because of this, juice bars, juice cleanses, and juicing in general is becoming more popular than ever.

Proponents of juice cleansing believe that the process will rid your body of toxins, as well as promoting weight loss and improving health generally. While consuming fruits and vegetables in whatever form certainly adds vitamins and minerals to your diet, many scientists and doctors consider "detoxing" a myth and counsel that water-fasting is more effective as a weight-loss aid. Whatever other effects they might have, though, the juices these places serve up are bright, bracing, and usually very tasty.

In 2013, we conducted a roundup of the 13 Best Juice Bars in America, and these establishments have only grown more popular since then. Now, with 12 more shops added to the list, we're announcing our 2015 edition of the 25 Best Juice Bars in America.

In order to rank our list, we first took a close look 50 of the most well-known juice shops in the country and ranked them based on three categories: number of locations, menu variety, and healthiest juice options. Then, we narrowed it down to 25.

This year's results included juice shops from all over the country, including KURE Juice Bar in Portland, Oregon, and dtox Juice in Atlanta, but our top spots are mostly located in New York and California.

All in all, a notable juice shop will serve a wide variety of the healthiest, most delicious juices and, whatever else they may do for your body, they'll leave you with a happy heart.

To see our complete ranking, check out our slideshow of the best juice bars in America.

#25 Moon Juice, Venice, Calif.

Moon Juice is a cold-pressed-juice and nut-milk shop dedicated to using 100 percent organic ingredients. The daily deliveries from a number of local, certified organic boutiques in California and hand-poured juices ­— like the Golden Tonic and Gingered Lemon — are impressive, but its lack of locations (just three in California) put it at the bottom of our list. Regardless, the fresh produce makes this spot quite the healthy choice.

#24 Raw & Juicy, Seaside, Fla.

Nestled on a corner in Seaside Florida, this charming, quaint spot is hard to miss. Raw & Juicy has just this one location, but its products are available in several grocery stores and supermarkets throughout Florida. Its juice options are more selective than others, with only a few flavors, such as Green Goddess, Spicy Rabbit, and Hippy Hula. Locals rave about Raw & Juicy, but because of its smaller menu, it isn't as popular as the shops that occupy some of the top slots on our list. If you're looking for a wide selection of vegan foods and snacks, stop by Raw & Juicy. If you're looking for a lengthy list of juices, you might want to try a bigger juice bar.

#23 The GEM, Dallas

What makes this juice shop special is the story behind it. Mary Kathryn Bass and Leslie Needleman — founders of The GEM are both dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. When Needleman was diagnosed with breast cancer, the two decided to create a nutrition foundation and counseling program, Diamonds on Your Inside. This later inspired the name of the juice and tea bar, The GEM. It now has two Dallas locations with menus that provide more than 10 flavors of delicious juices, along with "The GEM Cleanse," a step-by-step guide that suggests the intake of juices, salads, fruit, and other healthy foods. Needleman survived cancer, and is still an active part of The GEM.

#22 Paleta Pressed Juice, Los Angeles

In the words of Paleta, these juices will "take your body on a vacation." With only one retail location, Paleta Pressed Juice is small, but it's a force to be reckoned with. If you subscribe to their auto-renewal juice cleanse deal, you can save up to $44 on their seven-day juice cleanse, which costs a total of $462 (pricey, but a common tariff for a week-long juice cleanse). The cleanse includes their most popular flavors, such as Kale Kooler, Red Root, and Apple Orchard, which promise to replenish your body and aid your digestive system. Another unique aspect of Paleta Pressed Juice? They partner with the Earth Day Network Canopy Project to plant a tree of your behalf for every purchase made in order to completely negate their carbon footprint.

#21 Kale Me Crazy, Atlanta

Kale Me Crazy has six locations throughout Atlanta. At these venues, each juice is made from at least 2.5 pounds of produce (likely more than you could ever eat in one sitting). The menu offers 10 cold pressed juices, 12 smoothies, and six healing shots (featuring ginger, lime, and wheatgrass). It also includes salads, wraps, and açai bowls to enjoy with your juice. Kale Me Crazy has four cleanse packages: the KMC Package, the Rainbow Package, the Garden Package, and the Go Green Package. Unlike other juice spots, this company's packages don't focus on a specific part of the body. The main difference between them is the amount of vegetable versus fruit juice in each. If you're new to juicing, Kale Me Crazy suggests sticking to the fruit packages, allowing you to gradually work your way to the vegetable-heavy Go Green or Garden Packages. This simply for flavor purposes, because sometimes, the strictly vegetable juices are too strong for new juicers.

#20 Juicd Life, Phoenix

The juices at Juicd Life are raw, unpasteurized, and packed with live enzymes. Their cold-pressed juice menu includes seven choices, each specializing in different health benefits. These benefits include detoxing, boosting your metabolism, purifying your digestive system, and giving you energy. Juicd Life also provides smoothies and açai bowls, which you can enjoy at their single (popular) location in Phoenix.

#19 Drought, Detroit

Drought has a total of six locations that are spread throughout Michigan. Its cold-press process yields juice in its purest form. Made from 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables, the juices have no additives, preservatives, or added water. This juice bar is committed to offering raw beverages, fresh ingredients, and seasonal harvests that are carefully chosen from local suppliers. Whether you're a rookie or a juicing pro, their juice cleanse, "The Wash," is suitable. Fun fact? It was started by four sisters (all Michigan natives), who run the business as a team.

#18 Stacy’s Juicebar, Boston

As Boston Magazine once phrased it, Stacy's Juicebar "doesn't even use a can opener!" This beloved Boston hot spot offers more than two dozen signature juice and smoothie blends, such as The Xtreme Green and Sweet Beet juices. The real kicker with this place is that beverages can cost as little at $6 a pop, which is surprisingly cheap for a juice shop. What sets the place apart even further is the fact that Stacy's leftover pulp is used in house-made soups and baked goods. 

#17 Liquiteria, New York City

With six locations total — five in New York and one in Boston — this juice hub has roots in the trendy East Village. In 1996, Liquiteria was one of the first places to pioneer the cold-press juice industry in New York City, and enthusiasm for its delicious juices spread through the city like wildfire. Some of its most popular and healthiest options are the Turmeric Tonic juice (with turmeric, probiotics, lemon, maple syrup, and water), and their All Greens juice (including kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, and cucumber). If you're crazy for açai, Liqueteria is known for including this rare, nutritious berry in many of its juices, smoothies, and power bowls. Finally, if you're truly dedicated to juicing, Liquiteria offers an annual cleanse membership, including your choice of a level one or level two cleanse package, once a month for 12 months. The price tag on this deal? $1,588.

#16 Sip Juicery, Portland, Ore.

Sip Juicery first started offering juices and smoothies out of a renovated camper in southeast Portland in 2008. Its fresh and organic fruit juices, vegan milkshakes, and steamed juice elixirs quickly gained popularity, resulting in the opening of a second location in the Alberta neighborhood in 2011, and then a restaurant in Oregon in 2013 called Canteen. The Sip menu is simple yet innovative, with eight juice flavors to choose from. Canteen serves light and healthy dishes, such as steel cut oatmeal and berry salads.

#15 Beverly Hills Juice, Los Angeles

David Otto — the founder of Beverly Hills Juice — became a vegetarian in an attempt to improve his health. Once he began experimenting with his Champion juicer and sharing his favorite recipes with his friends and family, he decided that his concoctions had a chance to compete in California's juicing industry. He opened his Beverly Hills Juice Club, now known as Beverly Hills Juice, in 1975. With only one location, this shop offers over 25 flavors of vegetable, citrus, and ginger juice blends, but it is best known for its Banana Manna Shakes. These shakes contain Banana Manna (a vegan alternative to ice cream) paired with your choice of juice.

#14 The Juicy Café, Seattle

The Juicy Café, which has two locations, in Seattle's Convention Center and Columbia Center, offers a menu full of "remedy" choices. With juices like the Cold + Flu Buster (with ingredients like lemon, ginger, pineapple, apple, and cayenne), and the Gentle Cleanse (with ginger, carrot, and apple), this juice stand provides healing remedies, which is something many don't. It also offers "vital cure shots," like wheatgrass, ginger, or fireball (a double shot of ginger, lemon, and cayenne).

#13 Jugos, Boston

Jugos has one shop. Once its "classico" or "verde" cleanses hit the market — including a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables —  it became quite popular among locals. Their special and most popular flavors are La Leche and Leche Verde juices, both filled with oodles of greens, proteins, and calcium (both dairy and non-dairy milks are on offer). If you tend to avoid juice cleanses because they're pricey, have no fear: Jugos often offers cleansing deals, such as their "Old School Detox" for $39 a day.

#12 Kreation Organic Kafe & Juicery, Santa Monica

Kreation Juicery has nine retail locations, a juice truck, a juice car, and a detox car. Though they provide over 30 flavors of cold pressed juice, they're best known for their cleanse — make that "kleanse" — packages. There are four: Level 1, Reboot; Level 2, Grounding; Level 3, Flourish; and Level 4, Premium Detox. Each cleanse package includes a collection of different juice flavors, like Trinity Twist in the premium detox package and the Protein Power in the reboot package.

#11 dtox juice, Atlanta

With four locations and a $5 delivery fee within a five-mile radius from each, dtox Juice is definitely one of the most "local" spots in our top 15. Its menu includes 10 juices — like Green Pineapple, Beety Mary, and Dtox Energy — along with six elixirs, tea, lattes, and other beverages. It offers daily cleanses that focus on particular health benefits, such as a liver cleanse and a hangover recovery pack. The cool thing about dtox juice cleanses? There's a "coach" form on its website that cleansers can fill out if they're seeking guidance or have questions during a cleanse.

#10 Melvin’s Juice Box, New York City

Now that we've reached our top 10, it's time to pull out the big guns. Over the years, Melvin Major Jr. of Melvin's Juice Box has become a legend. He is a 20-year veteran of New York's fresh, organic juicing scene. His newest and most famous product is the Body Good Cleanse: a package of six juice flavors and one booster shot per day. The package is available as a one-day, three-day, or five-day program. Now known in New York City as "The Juice Guy," Melvin has enjoyed success that has allowed him to expand his product and sell it in four exclusive locations, and to open two restaurants, Miss Lily's and Radio Lily.

#9 Evolution Fresh, Bellevue, Wash.

Evolution Fresh has three retail locations in Washington State, but its products are available in retailers across the U.S., including Starbucks. Evolution Fresh began 30 years ago when the founder — Jimmy Rosenberg — picked an orange from a tree in his backyard. When he squeezed the single orange into "pure juice perfection," as he puts it, it made him realize that drinking raw, organic juice is far better than consuming mass-produced juices from concentrate. Evolution Fresh believes in no processing and no heat pasteurization, creating truly healthy options. Its menu includes 30 juices flavors and four non-fat yogurt flavors. Evolution is so good that Starbucks uses it to make "Evolution Fresh Smoothies."

#8 KURE Juice Bar, Portland, Ore.

In 2011, two friends — Nate Higgins and Nick Armour — strived to facilitate balance throughout their everyday lives. In order to do so and share this balance with others, they created a business that provided a wide range of juice, smoothie, and food options for customers of all kinds. Looking for a hearty, soul-soothing meal? Order the "Hot Mess" bowl of oatmeal. The juice bar offers healthier options as well, like an array of cold pressed juices and açai bowls. With five locations (and growing), KURE Juice Bar has one philosophy: If you do it right, "burning the candle at both ends equals twice the light!" It's all about balance.

#7 Peeled Juice Bar, Chicago

Peeled Juice Bar has two retail locations in Chicago. The menu offers more than 10 juice flavors, a wide variety of cold-pressed juices (the flavors vary depending on the day), breakfast beverage blends, "booster" shots, açai bowls, and an assortment of raw, vegan foods, including desserts. It offers five cleanse packages, including the Easy Rider, The Classic Cleanse, The Green Alignment, and the Protein + Power Cleanse. Each package serves a different level of detoxing for a range of juicers, but if you prefer to do things your way, you can craft your own package for three-, five-, or seven-day cleanses. All in all, Peeled is more than just a juice bar. Its staff calls themselves a team of local artisans who truly believe in the healing power of hand-crafted cold-pressed juices.

#6 Juice, Nashville

Juice began as a family-owned mobile juice bar. As the first cold-pressed juicer in Tennessee, Juice quickly stole the hearts of many locals, allowing the company to open a retail location as well. All 11 juices offered at Juice are cold-pressed, raw, and unpasteurized. Packed with kale, collard greens, lemon, and apple, the Oh Yeah is its signature master detox drink. Other flavors on the Juice menu include those with such names as Sing, I Heart Carrots, Zing, Whoa, and Snap — a memorable and playful roundup. A three-day cleanse, which costs $112, comes with a complimentary tote bag.

#5 Jugofresh, Miami

Jugofresh has 13 locations spread throughout Miami, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. There are nearly 30 juices available on the menu, (that are constantly changing, depending on the season), and the Jugofresh staff is extremely passionate about creating not only the best juices, but a welcoming, friendly environment as well. The shop's signature "PH G(reen)" juice includes a spicy mix of cucumber, celery, lemon, parsley, ginger, and cayenne. Jugofresh offers four different levels of cleansing, so there is something for everyone.

#4 Juice Shop, San Francisco

Juice Shop's story began in 1998, when co-founder Charlie Gulick returned from Central America severely ill.  After four years of countless surgeries, he was diagnosed with a rare liver condition. A doctor recommended that Gulick adopt a strictly raw, vegan diet. To his family's surprise, his symptoms disappeared and his bloodwork became normal almost immediately after he changed his diet. After a year of being symptom-free, his family decided to support him by going raw, juicing regularly, and opening up a juice stand. Today, Juice Shop is a successful business with nine locations. The menu, which offers 13 juice flavors,  boasts only items with produce sourced from within 200 miles of the kitchen. All of the juices are cold-pressed and bottled in glass to limit oxidation and preserve the nutrients. The most popular drink is the Bright Green, which includes ginger, kale, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, and apple.  Juice Shop offers four cleanses: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro level. This juice shop truly believes in part juice can play in the healing process.

#3 JuiceLand, Austin

Since it was founded in 2011, Juiceland has opened 15 locations across America (the original is in Austin). The menu consists of juices and smoothies with comical names, such as The Funky Meter, Valley Girl, Hot Pink, and Cool It Now, as well as some all-natural food items. JuiceLand offers 27 juices total, which are all cold-pressed and made with locally grown organic ingredients.  JuiceLand has three cleanses: The Rookie, Happy Medium, and Green Reviver. Not only does it provide a plethora of delicious drinks, but it also has an Immune Booster Box, complete with a bottle of juice, a hot drink, and a healthy shot.

#2 Pressed Juicery, Beverly Hills

Though its roots began in Beverly Hills, Press Juicery now has over 55 locations in cities ranging from San Francisco to New York. The menu includes 30 juices, three cleanses, and nine "sampler" packages, consisting of three bottles of juice in each. Some of its signature drinks are the Brazil Nut (with brazil nuts, dates, kale, romaine, sea salt, spinach, and vanilla bean) and the Chocolate Almond (with almond, cacao, dates, filtered water, and sea salt). Pressed Juicery is also well-known for their pre-packaged, cold-brewed black and vanilla coffee. The main motive of this ever-growing juice brand is to make juice simple and delicious.

#1 Juice Press, New York City

Finally, we've reached our number one spot. With over 30 locations in New York (and one opening soon in Boston), the success of Juice Press is undeniable. The founder, Marcus Antebi, believes in the importance of creating a positive relationship with food, and in his mind, juicing is a great place to start. The Juice Press menu offers over 35 juices, seven blends of coffee-flavored smoothies and beverages, and nearly 10 flavors of immunity shots. When it comes to cleanses, Juice Press offers something a little different. The company has over 10 cleanses, some strictly juice-based, others including both food and juice. Overall, the founder believes in practicing a healthy diet, which goes above and beyond juicing. According to this brand, a balanced lifestyle includes plant-based foods, juices, and balanced mind.